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 SMS / Text Messaging Script

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MesazhTitulli: SMS / Text Messaging Script   Thu Jan 07, 2010 7:33 am

Here's the demo:


Admin (live site so please only make beneficial changes to the carriers list!)


user - webmaster
pass - 4tugboat

-There is also an admin side in which you can add, edit and delete numbers placed into the Do Not Text list.

-Change admin user/pass from admin panel. Password reset script also included.

-From the admin you can also add, edit and delete cell phone providers. Here's a list of which all could be added:
http://www.livejournal.com/tools/tex...l?mode=details and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of..._or_Web_to_SMS

-There is built in flood control. In the config.php file you can set the number of seconds allowed between texts.

-A captcha feature is included to prevent non-human submissions.

-Sender has an option to receive replies via email or text message.

-Tooltips help guide the user in filling out the form.

-Limit the number of characters user can add to text message. Auto-counter included.

-Your website address is automatically attached to the end of every text message which will go a long way in marketing your site.

-The Five Star Review Template System is built into the script effectively allowing only one file to be edited to change all the pages.

-No SMS Gateway is required, only php and mysql.

-Do Not Text list in which users can add their cell number to stop receiving texts.

-Bad word filter. From the admin area select which words get replaced with the words of your choosing.

-An installation script makes installation a breeze.

Script can be downloaded/purchased at http://review-script.com/purchase/mo...?product_id=25.

If anyone is interested, there can also be a plug-in version for the Five Star Review script that will allow users to add their cell numbers via the user contol panel. This in turn will allow them to receive a text message notification instantly when a review is submitted for any of the review items they are subscribed to.
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SMS / Text Messaging Script
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